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The one,the only

Cooking with dale demi

Recently, with the alteration of Dale's site, all of her recipes have been removed. Never fear, there will be additions coming soon.

There is no hobby that Dale values more than cooking. All aspects of her culinary artistry brings her joy and relaxation. From cooking breakfast in the morning with her children, to putting together enough dishes to feed a party. To this day Dale has not gotten used to being the first one to be asked to cook for an event. Modest, she has kept most of her cuisine to just friends and family. Her cooking has been tested on a variety of pallets that are left asking for more!

Dale loves creating her own recipes and perfecting them with little secrets. Over the years she has created multiple dishes that people have come to love. She is constantly asked for her recipes, and is even happy to help create them. With over thirty dishes that are constantly being asked for, it became clear she should publish them. 

With this, we announce "Cooking With Dale Demi" her first cook book set to be released in the fall of 2017.