The one,the only

Knowing Dale Demi

New York born, Boston raised, and California living. At 39, Dale is a devoted mother of three. Some of her passions include, spending time with her children, cooking multi-cultural meals, traveling, following her favorite sports teams, and experiencing all that life has to offer.


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A couple times a week Dale Demi broadcast on the app YouNow, with which she is partnered. While broadcasting, Dale talks to her friends and fans about various topics that interest them. During some broadcast, she makes various meals with the help of her fans. Click Here to check it out. 

Dale also has an increased presence on Instagram, where you can get to follow her everyday life. She loves to share her experiences at football games, spending time with her kids, going out with her friends, and cooking meals. Click Here to follow her Instagram and share her experiences. 

Catching Dales live broadcast can be difficult for some of her fans. Twitter and YouTube give her fans an opportunity to catch up with Dale on her non-live days. Stop by her Twitter to catch her witty one-liners and her YouTube to recap her favorite video moments.

Dale is partnered with a site called YouNow. There she broadcast live streaming of her cooking, hanging with friends, playing games, giving advice, and etc. While watching her broadcast, you can become a part of her LoyalSquad, and talk with her other fans. She announces when she will broadcast on her Instagram and SnapChat.

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